Frequent Questions

How secure is DataMate Backup?
Backup data is compressed and 256-bit encrypted on your system before it is uploaded to our secure cloud servers.  All of your data is sent over a secure SSL channel where it is stored in an encrypted state on our redundant cloud servers.  This is all behind state of the art firewalls with the latest security patches and anti hacker protocols.

Can you see my files or know what I am backing up?
At DataMate Backup, we respect and protect your privacy.  Since our software uses only the highest level of encryption and security, your file names, sizes, and types are completely obscure before they leave your system to be stored on our secure cloud servers.  To see what we mean, here is a picture of some of our own sensitive Excel spreadsheets that we backup:

Sample of Encrypted Data
One of those are our payroll sheets with employee information. Safe and Secure.

Where is your customer support located?
All of our backup support professionals are based in Florida, USA for easy to understand assistance.

What if I have a slow internet connection?
We provide many options to get an initial backup of your important data to our secure cloud servers without using the internet.  Please contact us so one of our support professionals can go over the many options in this scenario.

What is cloud backup? Why do we need cloud backup?
We easily believe the misconception that our server is going to last forever, when in reality a server’s average life is 3-5 years. Servers & computers will fail, it is just a matter of time.  Therefore, by choosing not to back up data, you’re taking an unnecessary risk. Cloud backup allows you to easily make a backup of your key data, on a remote server, to restore in the event of corruption or errors.

Before the Internet, users made backups of their data using traditional methods.  They had to manually backup data onto storage devices like tapes every day.  It was then assumed that the data was always safe, but these backups were never as safe as it seemed.  According to research from Microsoft 42% of Exchange Server tape recoveries fail.

By using the Internet and broadband connections, secure online backup services are more efficient and reliable. DataMate Backup provides cloud backup for your most important data, on a secure remote server, which you can access through the Internet.  In the process of making backups of your data regularly, you are protecting yourself from the harsh and painful consequences of losing your information forever.

It is incredibly easy to configure a backup with DataMate Backup.  Download it from our website, and run it on your computer.  It can be customized according to your requirements, not ours. That’s why we believe it to be the best, easiest and most cost effective means available to protect your data.

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