Business Backup

By using DataMate Business Backup you can backup files, physical or virtual servers, databases, Exchange, and more, easily and automatically.  You can backup multiple servers and workstations (any device with data) to a single centralize account while receiving an e-mail confirming the status of all your backups. With latest in-file delta technology, your backup is extremely efficient and you will not have to upload files every day, the only upload needed is the differences from the previous day.

Business Backup can backup most common databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle and more.  The backup can be made ​​while keeping your services running so you dont need to worry about stopping production.

We employ 256 bit encryption and SSL between the server and client. This means you are assured of the highest security possible.

Server backup provides the following modules for making backups: Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), Continuous Data Protection (CDP), In File Delta technology and Brick Level Exchange.

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